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Stella's Studio Bundle
Stella's Studio Bundle
Ref: X51

Kit out Stella Chocolate's studio with everything she could need for her fashion design work!


    Stella Chocolate's Designer Studio Bundle

    Welcome to the Designer Studio in town, where Stella Chocolate creates all her stunning fashion designs.

    This great bundle includes everything you could need to set up the studio ready for client consultations, even Stella herself!

    Designer Studio
    Freya’s big sister, Stella Chocolate, is the fashion designer in town.  She has her own studio in this beautifully designed building, where she holds her client consultations. Take a load off your paws on Stella’s gorgeous sofa while she serves refreshments and talks through the designs she has in mind for you.

    Boutique Fashion Set

    Welcome to the Boutique Fashion department where you can browse through the latest fashions and exclusive dresses by resident designer Stella Chocolate.

    Set includes gilt-edged full length mirror and matching dress rail, plus mannequin, hangers and two gorgeous dresses to try on.

    Approx height - 18cm
    Approx footprint - 15cm x 25cm
    Dresses fit most standard-sized sister figures.

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