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Sylvanian Families

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Ref: 5301

Join newlyweds Troy & Arabella Dante as they sail off on the honeymoon of a lifetime aboard the Seaside Cruiser Houseboat!


    Seaside Cruiser - Honeymoon Special with Bride & Groom

    Step aboard the Seaside Cruiser House Boat with newlyweds Troy & Arabella Dante who are setting sail for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

    B108 Seaside Cruiser House Boat -
    usually £64.99

    Troy & Arabella's beautiful house boat has lots of fun features including paddling pool, water slide, deckchair and parasol. Inside there are kitchen units, a table & chairs and bunk beds which can be transformed into a shower cubicle! Included in this detailed set there is also a rowing boat with oars, flippers & mask for snorkelling and even your own private desert island to visit!

    O61 Splash & Play Whale -
    usually £12.99

    How about a spot of whale-watching on the cruise? This adorable whale-shaped playground incorporates a sandpit and large slide that your Sylvanian babies will love!

    WS8 Cream Cat Bride & Groom - usually £19.99
    Let's meet our newlywed honeymooners, Troy & Arabella Dante - the cream cat wedding couple. Arabella and Troy were childhood sweethearts who met in the after-school drama class. Troy only joined because he wanted to paint the scenery, but instead was cast as the leading man. In their first high school musical they played star-crossed lovers where Arabella was smitten during their first stage kiss.

    Set also includes rabbit sister Freya Chocolate dressed in her holiday clothes.
    Other figures not included.

    Working Lights [sold separately]:
    Add up to 2 working lights to this building using L41 Home Interiors Set which you will find HERE

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