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Ride Along Tram
Ride Along Tram
Ref: B119

All aboard! The Ride Along Tram is the best way to get to town and see all the best sights along the way.

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER was £29.99; now £22.99!


    Ride Along Tram

    was £29.99; now £22.99 - save £7!

    The best way to travel when you visit the town in Sylvania is the Ride Along Tram. This beautiful method of transport is decorated in red and gold with intricate engravings, and real working doors for boarding and alighting.

    The seats and driving console can be placed in different positions meaning you can arrange your tram furniture however best suits you. The set also includes a tram stop, driver’s hat, and tickets and maps for exploring the town.

    Also, you can take the accessories from the Creamy Gelato Shop [sold separately] and combine with the Ride Along Tram to create a travelling gelato parlour!

    Tram driver Theodore Maple comes in the Maple Cat family set [sold separately].

    Approx height - 15cm
    Approx footprint - 30cm x 11cm

    Figures not included.

    Connects to Creamy Gelato Shop

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