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Sylvanian Families

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Family Name Poster
Family Name Poster
Ref: LP33

Large poster [A1 size] showing the names of all families released in the UK range of Sylvanian Families


    Sylvanian Families Collector's Name Poster

    for additional products you will need to place a separate order.

    Exclusive to the Sylvanian Families Shop!

    Our Collector's Name Poster shows all the families released in the UK range from 1987 to 2017 and their names. Great for identifying any unknown characters, or getting to know your new family.

    Intended for mailing separately in a strong and secure poster tube so that we can roll your poster and get it to you safely and uncreased. Therefore please do not combine the poster on an order with any other products, as it needs to be mailed separately on its own in the poster tube. If you require other items you will need to place two separate orders.

    As with all our items, our website will calculate the delivery cost to your address when you checkout.

    If you order a poster on a combined order with other items, which is not recommended, our team will have to carefully fold your poster to fit it in your parcel with your other items. If you would prefer your poster rolled and mailed in a tube, please ensure you order the poster on a separate order.

    Size: A1
    592mm x 840mmm approx.

    Don't forget that this poster shows families present and past, so not all the figures pictured are still available to purchase. Please refer to the catalogue and website for figures available to collect now.

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