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Sylvanian Families

  • Beechwood Hall with starter furniture, 2 figures & working lights
  • NEW! Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • Welcome aboard the Seaside Cruiser Honeymoon Special
  • NEW! Grocery Market
  • NEW! Baby Castle Nursery Range
  • Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set
  • Cedar Terrace - Newlyweds First Home
  • Free Christmas Wrapping Paper
Ref: X47

Everything you could possibly need to educate your young Sylvanians.

Bundle even includes four pupils and a teacher!


    Complete Country Tree School Bundle with pupils & teacher

    This fantastic bumper bundle includes everything you could need to educate your young Sylvanians!

    County Tree School
    With desks and chairs for six pupils, plus a teachers desk and an exciting big tree to climb, Country Tree School has lots of lovely features and is a perfect place to educate your young Sylvanians! The main classroom downstairs features a blackboard while upstairs there is a whiteboard for smaller classes to be taken, along with a telepscope for astronomy lessons at dusk!
    The tree and school buildings can be arranged in many different layouts and this fabulous set includes over 35 pieces.

    School Music Set
    The school music class at Country Tree School is so much fun! There is a piano, xylophone, drum, violin, flute & trumpet. Enough for a 6 piece band!

    School Lunch Set
    Includes everything you need to serve lunch to 6 hungry pupils, even tiny bottles of milk for one!

    School Friends
    School Friends Rebecca Periwinkle & Ralph Walnut come all dressed up for their first day at Country Tree School! They each have a school uniform, back pack and school shoes.

    Chiffon Dog Father

    Gordon Doughty will be taking the classes at Country Tree School this term. The children adore his fun lessons and creative homework tasks!

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