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Collectors Club

All members of the club will receive:

A Certificate of Membership, Club Pin Badge, a Sylvanian Shop Catalogue and 4 great full colour quarterly Magazines during their first year of membership. All new members can also choose a set of special club exclusive Sylvanian figures – either Dante Cat Wedding Couple or the School Sports Day Cheerleaders.

Don't delay join today and share in the fun!


Super prizes to be won in our regular

Lots and lots of great competitions for our club members only to enter, with wonderful Sylvanian houses and family sets as prizes.


News and Information

As a club member you will hear all the latest news and get all the exciting information about forthcoming Sylvanian events and activities. You will also be kept up to date on any new items coming into the range.



Included in the club magazines are lots of activities such as simple exciting recipes that you can cook - with just a little adult supervision!

Plus features showing you how to make clothes for your favourite characters or extra accessories for your collection.


Stories and Family Features

In each magazine there are colourful stories about your favourite characters and their adventures in the wonderful world of Sylvania.


Members Corner

See yourself featured with your Sylvanian Families display, showing other members your design ideas and telling them all about your collection.


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