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Cake Decorating Set
Cake Decorating Set
Ref: FL115

Toy Poodle sister Melinda Cakebread loves making cakes, but decorating them is her favourite part!

RRP £12.99; Sylvanian Shop Price £11.99


    Cake Decorating Set with Toy Poodle Sister

    Available Now!

    Toy Poodle sister Melinda Cakebread is so excited about the family business opening in Sylvania that she wants to train as a baker too.

    Melinda is practicing her cake making every day, and at the moment is trying to perfect her iced strawberry cake. This set includes the cake tin, kitchen utensils and fruit for decoration so that you can help Melinda practice baking her favourite cake.

    Includes Toy Poodle sister Melinda Cakebread.

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