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Sylvanian Families

  • Beechwood Hall with starter furniture, 2 figures & working lights
  • NEW! Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • Welcome aboard the Seaside Cruiser Honeymoon Special
  • NEW! Grocery Market
  • NEW! Baby Castle Nursery Range
  • Treehouse & Log Cabin Gift Set
  • Cedar Terrace - Newlyweds First Home
  • Free Christmas Wrapping Paper
Ref: X33

The Boutique Gift Set is a great value all-in-one pack which includes 2 figures, extra furniture & accessories, plus a reversible floor extension!

RRP £59.99; Sylvanian Shop Price £49.99 - save £10!


    Boutique Gift Set

    This great value limited edition gift set comes with over 50 pieces including 2 figures! Save £10 off the RRP of £59.99 with the Sylvanian Shop price being just £49.99!

    Cecilia Teak loves fashion and is delighted to finally have her own store in Sylvania! Her sparkly Boutique stocks the most fashionable accessories in town including shoes, jewellery and a huge selection of handbags. There's even a full length mirror so your Sylvanians can admire their new accessories.

    The gift set pack includes another display table, more shoes, more handbags, more jewellery and even some beautiful perfumes for Cecilia's customers to try. Of the unique items in this set is the new reversible floor extension. It is double sided with cobbled paving for an outside scene on one side, and parquet-effect flooring for an indoor scene on the other!

    Expand the selection on offer at your Boutique by adding the Dressing Area Set and Cosmetic Counter Set [sold separately; see below].

    Includes Persian cat mother Cecilia Teak & rabbit sister Freya Chocolate; other figures not included.

    Dimensions [excluding floor extension]:
    Approx height - 18cm
    Approx footprint - 30cm x 25cm

    Connects to Cosy Cottage Starter Home, Cedar Terrace, Brick Oven Bakery, Seaside Ice Cream Shop, Toy Shop

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