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Ref: X50

Switch on the lights, draw back the red stage curtains and get ready for the show with our complete Ballet Theatre bundle!


    Complete Ballet Theatre Bundle with 3 ballerinas & working light

    Get everything you need for ballet performances and dance lessons in Sylvania with this action packed bundle of goodies. 3 ballerina figures are included: Freya Chocolate in white tutu, Rebecca Periwinkle in rose tutu & Nora Teak in lavender tutu.

    Ballet Theatre
    Welcome to the Ballet Theatre, home to the Golightly School of Dance! This exciting building is packed full of fun and clever features.

    The rotating dance floor provides the perfect space for your dancers to practice their moves as you turn the handle, and the theatre has music speakers installed and is pre-programmed with the music from both ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. There’s even the facility to plug in your iPod or smartphone and play your own music through the speaker, so your Sylvanians can dance to all your favourite tunes [requires 3.5mm cable; not included].

    The large double doors provide a grand entrance to this special building on performance nights, and there’s even a ticket window at the front. Inside there is a back-stage area with a large mirror for getting ready and warming up. For the stage area there is reversible scenery, reversible floor decoration, and even traditional red stage curtains to draw back for the performance.

    Ballerina Friends

    Rebecca Periwinkle and Nora Teak have just started to learn ballet. They are taking classes at the Golightly School of Dance, which rehearses at the Ballet Theatre. Pop them onto their stands, and onto the stage at the Ballet Theatre, and watch them gracefully turn, twirl and pirouette in their beautiful rose and lavender coloured tutus.

    Home Interiors Set
    Perfect for use in nearly all present-day Sylvanian homes, the light from this set is perfect for the Ballet Theatre too and can be fitted just above the door to light your stage for the performance!

    3 figures included.
    Theatre requires 3 x AA batteries [not included].
    Home Interiors Set Light requires 1 x CR2032 3V Battery (included).

    Approx height - 20cm
    Approx footprint - 28cm x 30cm 

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